The EASyViewer protocol analyser software was designed and developed by the engineers that use these types of tools on a regular basis. Easy of use, simple to configure, and quick to get data in real-time were the design criteria on which this software was created.

EASyViewer operates on Windows® OS platform and is the client side of the equation. The server-side applications include EASySniffer and EASyDataStore which are used as data acquisition solutions to get the network traffic flowing to EASyViewer.


EASyViewer is a highly capable protocol analyser with a lot of easy to configure options to allow the user to customize the data analysis session to their particular environment.

Filters, Columns, Program settings, and buffers are just a few of the items that can be changed as the data network being analysed changes.

We provide user documents but you wont need them... 15 minutes of playing with the interface and you'll be the expert!